What is Zoom whitening?

Zoom whitening, which is sometimes referred to as bleaching, is a popular cosmetic dental treatment. Through our professional teeth whitening treatments, we can lighten the color of your teeth and give you a smile that is white and radiant. Most people’s teeth become yellowed, discolored, or even severely stained over time due to lifestyle factors and habits. Our knowledgeable dentist may recommend Zoom whitening to improve discoloration and stains caused by:

  • Consuming certain foods and drinks
  • Fluorosis
  • Illness
  • Tobacco use (smoking and other)
  • The natural aging process
  • Certain medications

We aim to lighten the appearance of this discoloration so you can have a bright smile that you love to share.

How can I whiten my teeth?

Dr. John Deakins may recommend our professional Zoom whitening services to give you noticeable, aesthetic results. We use a special whitening gel, which is applied to your teeth to bleach away stains and discoloration. Zoom whitening in Liberty, Missouri is both effective and safe for your smile. To learn more about how we can whiten your smile for a stunning appearance and improved self-confidence, we welcome you to contact us today at John A. Deakins, DDS. We are eager to enhance your smile!